Occupational Health Safety Policy Statement

The health and safety of every one who works for our company is of paramount importance and strenuous efforts are made to improve safety performance each year with ultimate goal is zero accident. We are dedicated to pursuing and achieving full compliance with safety requirements discipline and assuring so far as possible safe and healthful working conditions in all the projects.

To Achieve the Aforementioned Defined Objectives:

Company shall,

  • Develop, implement and maintain an appropriate occupational health and safety management system.
  • Comply with statutory OH&S requirement, codes, standards and guidelines.
  • Develop and implement Risk & Opportunity Assessment based approach in conducting business operations.
  • Ensure IH&S management principles are included in all organizational planning activities.
  • Develop a positive OH&S culture throughout the company through effective communication and training and promote mental health and wellbeing awareness.
  • Commit to the prevention of incidents that may lead to injuries, illnesses, pollution, property and environmental damage.
  • Evaluate OH&S risks & opportunity and take appropriate action to minimize potential risks.
  • Ensure that stakeholders, employees, contractors, and related parties are aware of this policy and committed to its implementation.
  • Conduct reviews and regular audits in order to identify shortcomings within the organization and ensure compliance with polices, local, international and corporate standards and regulations.

Employee, Partners & Related Parties shall,

  • Take utmost care for OH&S, Mental health and wellbeing themselves.
  • Co-operate with employer and others to enable them to fulfill their legal obligations.
  • Use any equipment or substances in accordance with any training or instruction given by the employer.
  • Report to the employer any shortcomings in the employer’s protective health and safety arrangements.
  • Adopt highest ethical level and complete compliance with applicable laws and company’s OH&S Policy, Procedures and related international standard.