About us

Newtla SNS Global Projects Consulting Private Limited (NSNSGPC) is an EPC Contracting Company operating in Power Plants, Substations Fields. NEWTLA SNS team fields of expertise cover FEED, Detailed Engineering and Engineering Studies, Equipment Installation, Testing, Commissioning & Start-Up.

NEWTLA SNS has the depth and range of resources required to meet all challenges presented by our customers in Power Plants, Oil & Gas and Substations for Turnkey Projects as well as Field Services. Our core team consists of well-qualified and competent Engineers, Supervisors, and a well-trained workforce, together forming a team with values and commitment.

NEWTLA SNS team fields of expertise cover "FEED, Detailed Engineering and Engineering Studies", "Equipment Installation, Testing, Commissioning & Start-Up", "Control & Protection", "Upgrade and Restoration", "Operation & Maintenance", "E&I and Electromechanical Systems’ Trouble Shooting" and "Supply of Experts’ Manpower".

Vision & Mission

NEWTLA SNS is a company for Energy & related industry as Contractor, Services Provider and Supplier by approaching its business with a specific set of values and goals. All of our projects and our employees embrace our Vision and Mission as we work to meet the clients, business partners and stakeholder’s expectation and requirements.

NEWTLA SNS Global Projects and Consulting

Our Vision

Every problem is an opportunity for a creative solution. To become a Firm in Energy Sectors in Global, the preferred contractor, supplier, services provider and providing innovative turnkey solutions using new technologies.

NEWTLA SNS Global Projects and Consulting

Our Mission

We aim to provide cost effective, technically practicable solution to achieve total customer satisfaction, highest quality services, flexibility & value.

We aim to provide healthy, safe, and secure working environment to our employees.


NEWTLA SNS Management System leads by top management and plays a critical role in establishing a committed quality and highest standards of product and services. Our culture of doing business is based on quality, safety, efficiency, integrity, ethics and reliability.

Respectively our core values, policies, procedures and strong code of conduct, emphasize that, above all, we act with integrity and committed to maintain ethics and compliance culture in our operations, production, collaboration and innovation.

All below Policies is implemented through a Management System. Our performance is monitored and regularly reviewed to ensure our standards of conduct meet our high expectations of quality for our customers/clients, and Newtla SNS staff.

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