NEWTLA SNS is faithful to provide and maintain high level of Quality Standards of its products, services and operational compliance in improving quality and continual improvement of quality performance, conserving resources and adhering to applicable laws and regulation, in all its activities as per the NEWTLA SNS management system.

NEWTLA SNS committed to be the leading multi-disciplined engineering, project management and construction organization delivering professional services and solutions to the energy industry and quality rooted within the culture of the organization.

NEWTLA SNS maintains a quality-focused culture to ensure the highest priority is placed on the efficiency and reliability of our products and services, respectively division leaders are committed to maintaining a quality culture with appropriate systems, engineering and processes in place to drive quality-focused behaviors.

As part of NEWTLA’s commitment to Quality:

  • NEWTLA SNS focusing on customer requirements and expectation to ensure that the highest quality products and services are delivered efficiently;
  • Provide products and services that comply with local regulatory requirements, industry codes, international standards and specifications, and client requirements;
  • Applying a comprehensive Quality Program that enables meeting or exceeding customer expectations in a sustainable manner;
  • Empowering employees to achieve success by providing clarity and setting direction;
  • Never compromising our commitment to safety and quality;
  • Division leaders are accountable to ensure procedure are in place that adequately define the expectations for work that supports, or directly affects, product and service quality and safety;
  • Recruit, retain and develop enthusiastic, competent employees that contribute to the continual improvement of our performance;
  • NEWTLA SNS maintaining all colleagues and contingent workers to have the appropriate education, training, skills and experience to carry out their work competency, in accordance with applicable regulations and NEWTLA SNS policies and procedures;
  • Records, documentation and data are managed in accordance with international standards, applicable regulations and client requirements;
  • Set clear quality objectives and monitor our progress towards their successful achievement.
  • Implement audit programmes that review and challenge the applicability and effectiveness of processes and procedures, demonstrating NEWTLA SNS’s commitment to continuous improvement;

NEWTLA SNS’s Quality Policy is implemented through a comprehensive Integrated Management System. Our performance is monitored and regularly reviewed to ensure our standards of conduct meet our high expectations of quality for our clients, customers and stakeholders.